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Thread: how to turn your flash to imitate sunlight?

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    may sound stupid, but whats the URL to join the mailing list for project shop? :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain
    at 1/1 full power 1 set of batteries 2100 barely survived 70 shots, i was able to squeeze 100 shots with the 2300.

    the result, i did not get what the master (WK) done but i manage to fake it off, but my creative director spent about 40 minutes choosing the photos, it was a big headache according to them, so many 'good' photos but only can put in 5-8 pictures in our mailer.

    once again i had raised the bar and pressure out do the last shoot. i certainly cannot pose any pictures here but if you want to see a sample of the works you can go to projectshop and sign up in the mailing list. all the model shots are done by Wee Khim, all the accessories, product shots are done by yours truely.

    its a very good learning experince for me, styling, stuff bags, cracking my brains and muscles and having full control over the whole shoot. i really enjoyed the process and workout.

    you be able to receive the mailer by December, for the past two years i have one way or the other involved in all the graphic and layout of all projectshop artworks. please let me know if you have any coments or critic, thanks for read this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vince123123
    may sound stupid, but whats the URL to join the mailing list for project shop? :P
    you have to go down to the shop to join as our mailing list.

    but to view our website
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