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Thread: Regarding Cleaning of DSLR

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    Default Regarding Cleaning of DSLR

    Hi i jus bought a canon 600D and there are fews questions i like to enquiry

    1.How often do u clean ur DSLR?
    2.How do u clean it?
    3.Do photo shop provide cleaning service? where and what the price of it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Regarding Cleaning of DSLR

    The Terms of Service for Clubsnap list at #2: Newbies please search before posting. Search function is upper right hand. Read, read, read ... you topic comes at least every other week ..

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    Default Re: Regarding Cleaning of DSLR

    I wipe it down with a moist, clean cloth if I was out and sweating a lot. That's all. There's not much else to clean on the exterior, a shop will do the same thing.

    As for the sensor, you should invest in a rocket blower. Explanations on how to clean are on CS (use a search), youtube and google.


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