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    Hi, going to Ho Chi Minh city at the end of the month for 3 days for the first time. Any recommendations on what to do/shoot?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Help, help, help....leaving soon....

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    Quote Originally Posted by danster
    Help, help, help....leaving soon....
    Was there with a friend last holidays for a backpacking trip. We backpacked all the way from the South to the North (border between China and Vietnam).

    We did everything amazing race style... out of 7 days we only slept in hotel room for 1 night. Rest was spent on the road travelling.

    As for HCM, goto the cuchi tunnels on the outskirts of the city, it will take you about 1 day for a full tour or half day if you want a fast one.

    Check out Ban Thanh market also for the wide range of textile and cultural products they have there. Good deals on the textiles there, grab a suit or dress for a loved one while you're there. Fast and expert service for a very small sum!

    Also, remember to check out the Palace, it has a vintage UH1H helicopter on the roof left over from the Vietnam war. Tourguides are available there for translation purposes. You can practically see the good half of the city there.

    Also, if you don't mind spending a little extra, visit Vietnam's tallest building. International Trade Centre (ITC) if I don't rem wrongly. You pay for a cup of coffee and a small token and the management will let you out of the building onto the restricted area rooftop to take pano views of the entire city including the river. Visit twice so you can a shot in during day and one at night.

    Hope all that helps.

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    Gusu John. That was great! It's probably all the time i have anyways. Thanks a lot!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danster
    Gusu John. That was great! It's probably all the time i have anyways. Thanks a lot!!
    Hi danster,

    No problem at all. Glad to know you're visiting Vietnam too! Its a great country to visit!


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