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Thread: Pentax K-5 or Nikon D7000 help pls..

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    Default Re: Pentax K-5 or Nikon D7000 help pls..

    @TS .... it's your money .... your call ............. you probably have an urge to try Nikon ............. try it ...... otherwise the itch will become more unbearable .......
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    Default Re: Pentax K-5 or Nikon D7000 help pls..

    Quote Originally Posted by rhino123 View Post
    Yes. That might be the same case as the link you posted.

    After 1 case in Clubsnap, I have been seeing people using that as something to knock on Canon's camera... That is why, I specifically bring up another two links to say, "It can happen to all cameras."
    No la, I just brought up the example because it is, to my memory, the only case that such has been brought up here - at least recently.

    Just making a statement on human behaviour, not camera brands.

    I have no issues with Canon, in fact I think it is a good brand (all are good brands, actually)... My only gripe with the brand is that its APS-C cameras have a crop factor of 1.6x, which kind of kills off any interest on my end, since I use UWAs a lot.
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    Default Re: Pentax K-5 or Nikon D7000 help pls..

    Quote Originally Posted by edutilos- View Post
    In any case, based on the recent Canon case, it seems that people are more than satisfied with warranty coverage. Pure unhappiness can be converted to pure satisfaction with a simplistic explanation. I'll leave any reader here to be the judge of whether the explanation is actually satisfactory.

    imo, the secret to this is not the simplistic explanation, or that the service center basically did nothing of substance for the customer.

    the bigger message here is that the company is able to control and positively influence the customer's experience - i.e. they're gonna tell u no, and do nothing to help u in any meaningful way, but they're gonna make u feel so good abt it that u're gonna walk away happy.

    this is not successful delivery of a quality product by any standard - the item was probably a borderline QC pass and "sh|t happens", now u have an unlucky user. hope that nothing else happens or its gonna be a very frustrating user experience moving forward.

    but it is very successful service delivery... and its more valuable than many companies (or even customers) realise.

    anyway, we digress...

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    Default Re: Pentax K-5 or Nikon D7000 help pls..

    I'm a Nikon user and a Nikon fan

    And I suggest you go for K-5... my gut feeling...
    また再建しましょう~ ^_^

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    If its between the two, K-5. Y? Both cameras r using same sensor. And since u r already a Pentax shooter, K-5 will feel right in your hands right from the start.

    Question: is it a body / skills / lens limitation? If it's got nothing to do with the current body, I suggest to upgrade the other 2, whichever is lacking?

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