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Thread: SBS Driver Lost In Holland V For 2 Hours

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    it a marketing tactics to tell you all to take the cabs
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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights
    luckily didn't end up in JB....
    Maybe after 2 hours everyone could see "Welcome to Woodlands Checkpoint".

    Why the smart asx can call buses to divert? They should either stay on their path or allow the passengers off to take other forms of transport. If every bus divert, how are you going to tell the rest in front waiting for their buses and hence wasting their time?

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    This our SMRT version of "Speed"? One a hijacked harrowing ride, the other lost & exciting ride, with all the aunties on board? Reminds me of the sayings the blind leading the blind & if you do not know where you are, it doesnt matter where you are going. GPS devices can be simple & cheap (they are already on mobiles & cameras etc), buses should have one on board so that in cases of emergency their location can be pin-pointed & real help can be dispatched immediately.... Cant blame the foreign drivers, bus companies should have anticipated & included such scenarios in their staff training & emergency procedures.
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