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Thread: USB w/o power enough?

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    Default USB w/o power enough?

    Hi all,

    I don't have enough USB ports at the back of my desktop PC. Coz one's taken up by BB modem and the other by PDA..

    Just wondering, to connect the digicam to my PC, is a simple hub of 4 ports enough ? or do i need to get the ac powered one which more expensive ?

    Because my friends have experience that certain devices (eg. SN BB modem) did not work with their IBM laptop USB ports because their port was not powered enough.

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    total power available per port is 500mA .

    to determine power of your equipment is comsuming, right click on My computer,system devices. Scroll down you will see USB Controllers. Next, right click properties on USB Root Hub properties.

    Look at the specification of your digital cam, did it tell you the mA needed?
    Objection !!!

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