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    Hi guys,

    I am thinking of getting the Sekonic L-308S.
    Any comment on this light meter ?
    Is Cathay the only place to get this and what would be the price ?

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    Default Re: Light Meter

    what do u need it for?

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    Could the TS be an advanced user just looking for user's review? He might had been shooting in the film days where light meter were more essential. Just my thoughts, no offense.
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    Default Re: Light Meter

    light meter mostly use to take incident meter reading, it is more accurate than using the reflective meter reading with the camera meter, of course, the photographers must understand how the metering works and also how and where to take the meter reading from, else using the most accurate light meter will still get wrong readings.

    light meter also very useful to take flash meter reading, which camera meter don't have such function.

    I'm using a very old and basic Sekonic L-328, it serve me very well.

    you can check out the mass sale section and the Virtual Shops, some of our advertisers are selling Sekonic meters.
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    Default Re: Light Meter

    I am using the L-358 and it is very good. I have used the 308s, the thing about 308s is you cannot do Aperture priority mode... But that is a minor issue, as nowadays most people use light meter for strobing. And most people fix shutter speed anyway for strobing work. Overall the 308s is a good basic and reliable flash light meter.

    as for pricing... if you bother to do a little search you should already find it here...
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    Default Re: Light Meter

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the replies.
    I will do more search on light meter.
    I am trying out stobing and I think a meter is necessary,


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