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Thread: Canon 300D vs Nikon D70

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadrian
    Yo Kegler,

    Here is my take. (NOTE: I use both systems and can a test to how each of them handles)

    I would personally go for the D70 (and this is not a bias), but the D70 is an overall very friendly and easy to navigate cam. I had an evening out with several 300D users and i found changing of ISO and WB to be quite a pain as compared to the ease and logical way Nikon has done it. Just to name a few.

    As for colour, Nikon's D70's colour is customizable with custom color curves, also the availability of 2 sRGB modes and 1 AdobeRGB modes allow for more flexible image colour reproduction.

    Nikon's system is by no way limited as one would have had you think. Nikon has been well known to have accessories for every kind of job. It was once said.. if you wanted it.. Nikon had it. From macro reversal rings to step up macro rings, to copy stands, to manual lenses that still work on your D70, to old flashes that may not work in i-TTL mode on your D70, but will work excellent in other modes.

    Nikon's reputed 1005-Colour Matrix metering sensor is also a wonder to be hold. Choosing to under expose by up to 1/3 of a stop, prevents blown highlights. A blown highlight cannot be recovered.. but a under exposed pic can be brightened and highlights preserved..

    Yes budget is an important factor.. but buying a D70 with a ED 18-70 AFS lens.. hmmm I think there is not much to think about.. the 18-55 EF-S performance hardly comes close to that.

    Awesome battery life would be another consideration of the D70 and as well as the price of the D70's original EN-EL3 compared to the 300D BP511.

    Yes is it important to consider if you really want to get into a SLR based system. Remember.. not one lens fits all. You will need macro lenses for closeup, wide angle lenses for stunning landscapes..and so on and so forth..

    So do consider well..

    The 300D though it has a vertical grip is not really a deciding factor for me.. the percentage of using the vertical grip compared to the regulare will be 2-5%. Not much to consider there..
    thx for the advice.... but im somehow more towards i dun quite like the feel on 300D... althought D70 also plastic... but somehow feel nicer to hold.... as for control.... think im more use to canon's stuff... think 300D menu similar to those powershot.... perhaps i never use nikon stuff before...thats think buttons n menus not a big factor for me....somehow will get use to it sooner or later....after spending so much...die die must be u r right on batt grip.... to me its just look

    someone mention just follow the feel.... i think its very true... must use something u r happy with....haahaa

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    kegler: thurs and fri I've an appt in the evenings, so I won't be there, but there should be other Nikon users.

    mpenza Mai notti ah
    well....i can always join u all next week.... im still waiting for nikon to counter canon's

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