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Thread: Help need on PHP forum software

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    Default Help need on PHP forum software

    I have a need for multiple choice polls. I wish on my finacial website to track in a poll what type of software people use, and many people use multiple software. So the multi-choice poll is a pretty basic thing i really need.

    Basic requirements
    1-Enter number of allowable choices, If one use radio buttons, If more, use checkboxes

    2-Enter maximum number of choices, so user can for example select no more than 2-3 or whatever makes sense by the creator.

    3-Results notification on vote close. (select box for PM, email, or No Notification)

    More Advanced
    1-Subselections - a sub-selection within a poll selection. Maybe click on poll result for further breakdown of that choice.

    2-Post image with each poll item. Photo/logo/clipart voting would be an option (thumbnails, possibly with larger image in popup link)

    3-Besides total votes on display, also show percentage of users who voted. (votes/users=%)

    So which is the best forum software to purchanse for my need?
    anybody can help me on this?

    thank you

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    now i using a free software know as phpbb which do not support multiple vote.

    the software must be able to support simplfied chinese, cause i am targeting china market. really need to collect info before going into that china market.

    thank you.


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