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Thread: Advice for trip to Harbin

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyzaway View Post
    wow thank you so much SK1968 & albertsim. the info helps me a lot!!
    I have a boots that i bought in Winter Time last time, but there is now metal claw attached, can it be bought seperately in China?
    I'm going next month! yahoo~
    As long as your boots can insulate your feet well, the metal claw thing is just optional unless you plan to run or jump on the ice Just make sure you take small steps and watch where you step, ordinary rubber soles should do a pretty decent job. Alternatively, they do sell strap-on metal claws but do note that they have their down sides too. These metal claws become very slippery...yes, slippery when you get indoor on hard tiled/cememt surface so you got to remember to remove/retract them....or else you will slip on an otherwise non-slippery floor

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    Default Re: Advice for trip to Harbin

    Listen to SK1968 as he is speaking from cold experience.

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