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    Hi all,
    I'm going to Turkey mid december. Was wondering if anyone has been there before at this time of the year, and if so, what's nice to shoot in istanbul. Any tips, like wad to look out for? All advice kindly appreciated.

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    I have been to Istanbul twice, once in Oct 10 and the other in Feb 11. Dec is going to be chilly. There are the usual place to take photos of, here are just some.
    1. the blue sultanahmet mosque... go very early in the morning.... less tourist
    2. galata towers ... better to take from bridge and during a setting sun
    3. Tokapi Place... nice inside... but depend on what type of photography u like.
    4. Grand Bazzar... i don't really like the place. but it has a lot of colors.... do bring as fast lens and watch out your stuff there.
    5. Taksim square... another place I did not like... a lot of people standing around ...
    6. Bazzars outside the Grand Bazzar is great for photography... especially the old side.... can get lost.

    You got to the try little tea shops and eateries along the street. Helps to keep u warm and a good place to rest with all the walks. And in the grand bazzar... there is an old tea shop... try the salep, a hot drink made from the tuber of orchid. I like turkey a lot... out of istanbul is beautiful.

    hope it helps...

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    When are you flying roboter22?

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    was there during dec 2009 for 1 month,
    definatly go to the galata bridge during sunrise or sunset, the light is amazing. and lots of stuff between there and yeni cami mosque area.
    also, try to get off the main street and venture to the smaller streets where its not so touristy, than you will see the real istanbul.

    are you just visiting istanbul? there are lot more places worth seeing in turkey out of istanbul.

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    went there last Sept
    if you going to cappadocia, take the hot air balloon
    blue mosque, Ephesus, bosphorus, spice bazzar

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    Hagia Sophia

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    Quote Originally Posted by eva03sg
    When are you flying roboter22?
    Just arrived today. Haha. Using hotel wifi
    Thanks all for your input. Will try to visit all the mentioned places. Thx.


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