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Thread: Euro 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Kahuna

    Times are bad....once my Mio contract run out, I will also point paying so much but just watch 1 or 2 matches per week.....most of the time I watch Channel 8 & U only
    Tv i also hardly on. Mostly record n watch with adv skipped n at own timing as i work shift. Plus i record mostly from axn, neo geo n for local, can forget it unless it quite educational. I mostly use pc more than sitting in living room. I just hate those advertisments, waste time only.
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfton View Post
    Is an upset on the card tonight??

    if italy wins, they will upset the tournament favourites germany.

    if germany wins, they will upset the italians whom they have never beaten in a competitive match before.

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    Germany defeated by Italy by 2-1. I didn't expect the Italians played so well.

    If Italy can maintain its form, it can defeat Spain in the final match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bukitimah
    This year, my bet is on either Italy or France. Poland and Russia are both technically very strong but lack will. How about a on line prediction?
    Suck, should have placed placed a bet.

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