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    i was browsing through Yahoo when I saw this article on the photographs by Craig Royal, a blind photographer..

    I need to work harder
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    My goodness!
    First, we hear of a colour-blind photographer who became famous.
    Now, we hear of a blind photographer!

    Well, one thing about photography is that it captures and expresses the photographer's point of view.
    Since these people have a very different point of view from the majority of people, this leads them to capture very different photos from the majority.
    They may be able to capture something that a person with normal vision can never see.

    Being different has its advantages sometimes.
    You can create different things and this novelty sometimes attracts people.
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    The best photographer is one who is inspired by the innate nature of his subjects.

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    Yup.. i agree..

    Even I who can see fumble on the buttons, i can't imagine if i can't see.. i might have to sell tissue at cityhall mrt station..
    Want to get back to photography


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