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Thread: question for the experienced

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    built qualilty: noisier motors, shorter lifespan, coating, less built like a tank etc.
    performance: optical quality, sharpness, CA, AF speed, accuracy etc.
    but depends on which lens. there are exceptions to the general observation.

    i don't mind lighter plastic mount lens, as i don't go photographing war conditions, and don't drop stuff carelessly.

    some 3rd party have useful ranges 1st party don't have. and easier on the pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eudoofus
    i don't want to assume things. he could know things i don't.

    for all i know, he could be taking great award winning photos with a disposable camera.
    eudoofus, when he makes comments like that, and seriously means it, you can safely assume he is a doofus, lol

    and if he did take an award winning picture with a disposable camera, we would have heard of him already, won't we?

    and if he really did win an award with the camera, his statement would really fall apart, wouldn't it? what is he doing with a lousy camera with a lousy lens?lol

    ok i shall stop here. seriously OT-ing already
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