Written By Marvin Uy

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This is a guest post by Marvin Uy, an avid photographer based in Manila, Philippines. Marvin shares some really helpful and practical tips on how to effectively use your telephoto zoom lens for different types of photography.

The article applies to any type of mid-to-telephoto zoom lens whether youíre shooting Canon, Nikon, Sony, or whatever. The principles are the same.

Majority of first-time DSLR buyers purchase a mid-to-telephoto zoom lens as their first add-on lens. Manufacturers often bundle such lenses with the standard 18-55mm kit lenses for good reasons. The combined focal length from 18mm all the way to 200+mm covers practically all photographic needs in terms of focal range.

Mid-to-telephoto zoom lens often starts at 55mm and stretches all the way to 300mm range. The standard Nikon 55-200mm and Canon EF-S 55-250mm , for example, are best sellers because they are packaged with the camera kit most of the time.

For many, they prefer a longer focal length range like the Nikkor 70-300mm AF-S VR, which is extremely popular and versatile as well.

The combination of long focal range plus sophisticated anti-shake mechanisms built into these telephoto zoom lenses make them easy to use too.

Telephoto Zoom Lens Quick Tips

Iíd like to share my shooting style with a telephoto zoom lens, a Nikkor 70-300mm AF-S VR in particular as thatís the lens I use often. All the tips below works for any telephoto zoom lens regardless of brand and mount.

Read the whole article on telephoto zoom lens tips on DSP