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Thread: How to achieve this color and tonal range?

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    Default How to achieve this color and tonal range?

    Note: This image is not mine. I'm only using it for learning purposes.

    Assuming we start from a 'correctly' exposed image.
    I can tell this much:
    Filled shadows to bring a low contrast look.
    Decreased maximum white output to make the white less white (more grey)
    Maybe decreased exposure

    But i can't tell the color tones used.
    I'm guessing its a duotone overlay, green on the highlights, and blue on the shadows........
    But I can't seem to find the green and blue color values and saturations to reproduce such colors...

    Or is there a well known lightroom/PS action to do something similar?
    Any direction?

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    Default Re: How to achieve this color and tonal range?

    could be a dual duotone.

    If you are using light room, you could try (ontop of your mentioned steps),
    1) at white balance, shifting to blue slightly, and shifting to green slightly
    1-a) might need to do a bit of desaturate

    2) at duotones, adding orange/red to shadows, maybe pale yellow/very slight tinge of yellow-green to highlights
    Might be a balance of 1+2

    3) then if any other colours pop up too much, try reducing saturation of specific colour at the individual colour panel.


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