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Thread: How long battery can last for speedlite

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    Default How long battery can last for speedlite

    Hi guys,

    Need all of ur experiments to share here, how long the 4x AA battery can last if we use canon speed lite?

    Never use external flash before and want to try it by rent it, probably will rent canon speed lite 430 or 530.
    But it doesn't come with the battery.

    So not sure how many battery I need to prepare.


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    If you're intending to invest in a flash in the future (which I'm sure alot of us here would recommend), you should consider investing in rechargeables. They save ALOT of $$ in the long run and you can use them for other appliances as well

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    Default Re: How long battery can last for speedlite

    Never use alkaline batteries before, so don't know. However during my last AFA event, I achieve around 2xx shots using my YN565EX flash. I am using the 2500mAH enelop batteries (not full power flash though, somewhere in the region of 1/2 power). For 3XX plus shots I can comfortably go by 2 sets of batteries.
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    Default Re: How long battery can last for speedlite

    Very hard to say, especially if you use TTL flash.. because flash power is constantly adjusted to your metering.

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    Default Re: How long battery can last for speedlite

    your flash manual should have such info,

    anyway, each shots is on different power output
    so it depends on how the way you shoot,
    nobody can give you a definite answers,
    but it is good to prepare more than you need as you can use batteries for other usage.

    hope this help.
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    Default Re: How long battery can last for speedlite

    From the online Canon manuals, it is stated that, based on using new AA alkaline batteries using Canon's testing method,

    a) 430EX II ... 200 -1400 flashes
    b) 580EX II ... 100 - 700 flashes

    X-compare with Nikon SB-900 where the manual stated 110 flashes (full power) using Alkalines, conservatively, you can take it full-power flashes as 200 ( 430EX II ) or 100 ( 580EX II ). On any lesser power, you get more flashes.

    Do note that, typical Alkaline AAs offers 1800-2600 mAh ( Source: Wiki ) and Eneloops or similar rechargeables starts around 2000 mAh.
    Well maintained rechargeables have quicker recharge time in-between flashes as they support higher current drain (vs Alkaline).
    Before you run off to borrowing rechargeables, do note that these batteries must tested to be well-maintained or good as a single poor
    performer can bring down the cause the set of 4 to fail.

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    High speed sync and diffuser eat power.
    Just bring spare battery.
    Enevlop new XXX black color high capacity one.
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    Guys, thanks a lot.
    It helps a lot

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    Default Re: How long battery can last for speedlite

    Just bought a batch of 6 peices RECYCO GP 2100mAh. For high drain use on the LED CN-160 IT LOSES CHARGES FASTER THAN THE ENELOOP!

    That is why RECYCO selling @ $18 for 6 pieces I think.

    Will stick to ENELOOP from now on....


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