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    Just bought my Nikon D5100 and started to learn how to perform shooting.

    Currently i'm learning shooting using Aperture Mode.

    Beside adjusting the Aperture, what else can i do ?

    Sorry if i am asking stupid question..

    I Am NewBIe.

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    Its not a stupid question but you could learn more if you start reading up fundamentals of photography. We tell tell you what you adjust but if you don't know what these adjustment are about, its useless. More importantly, you should have an idea of things you'd like to shoot and learn how to control the camera to get the results you want. Your question is too general, got to be more specific.

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    Read up about the triangle of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. I started from these, like what he said they're the fundamentals.

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    just use auto ....

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    Go borrow..or buy photography guide book.. read them. study them. Anyway...try search on the internet will be good enough..information at your fingertips. If you dont help yourself. we cant help you.


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