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Thread: SDHC Card, have you tested yours?

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    Default SDHC Card, have you tested yours?

    Despite the class 4/6 rating, the speed actual varies...

    I have a kingston 8GB SDHC Class 4 card comes as a free gift...

    Today I bought a Sandisk Ultra 30MB/s Class 6 16GB card..

    Although the sandisk has a higher rating, but in my camera 550D give one burst 6 raws... the Class 6 writes the raws in 20 seconds while the Class 4 Kingston only need 15 seconds..

    Put in card reader and it shows that the Sandisk has a higher read 17MB/s compare to Kingston's 14MB/s
    But with a lower write performance: Sandisk 6.6MB/s versus Kingston 6.9 MB/s

    All read/write test has been performed 3 times to average...

    The Kingston although is a Class 4 card, but actually has a Class 6 performance.. The Sandisk, however, just met its Class 6 but not more..
    The claimed 30MB/s from Sandisk don't know how to reach....

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    Default Re: SDHC Card, have you tested yours?

    At least they met the specs and this could only be just this piece. Won't bet everyone would be the same.


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