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Thread: focusing in Canon 60D viewfinder

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    Default focusing in Canon 60D viewfinder

    Hi all!

    I'm rather new to this forum, but I've just bought a 60D, and can't really figure this out, so I'm asking for a little help here.

    There are times when you focus, and the picture looks focused, but after enlarging it on the computer / TV screen some details are shown to be off-focus. When using the Live View screen, there's an option to digitally zoom-in on the center of the screen to help with focus, but I prefer using the viewfinder.

    So, all in all, anyway around this? Or do I have to trust to the autofocus, and 'spray and pray'?


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    Default Re: focusing in Canon 60D viewfinder

    1) Do not zoom in to more than 100%, no picture will look sharp.
    2) Read about the function to select AF points, use the one that you need instead of letting the camera do some guesswork. Your manual describes the function.
    3) Read about Depth of Field as result of the aperture value.
    4) Verify that your shutter speed is sufficient to avoid handshaking. Rule of thumb: shutter speed faster or equal to '1 / focal length'

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    Default Re: focusing in Canon 60D viewfinder

    did you touch the diopter dial near the VF?

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    Default Re: focusing in Canon 60D viewfinder

    What I'm afraid of is if I'm taking a photo with lots of background details (for example of a shop at the opposite side of a mall, with railings, glass panels, display mannequins, store signs, all near each other but at different depth), I won't know if what I want (say, the store sign) is in focus until after I take the photo and zoom in when reviewing it.

    It's OK, turns out there isn't any way to do it. I'll just have to trust the autofocus, and take more shots to choose the best one after that...

    Thanks a lot guys!


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