my reccomendations

a) Honda Civic 97: change boy kit, and rims and spoilers.
b) Honda Integra V2.0
c) Honda Integra Type R
d) Toyota Celica GTS 2004
e) Hyundai Tuscani
f) Subaru WRX
g) Mazda RX-7
h) Mazda RX-8
i) Mazda 3
j) Mazda 6
k) Nissan Skyline GTO version
l) Nissan 350Z
m) Nissan S50Z Roadster (wonder if the same ?)
n) Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR
o) Mitsubishi Evolution 7

well these are some of the cars which i liked.. and most of them looked good in aftermarket bodykits... well... its up to u.. they still look good while stocked.. haha..... i put them without considering the cost factor... but these are cars which i think are some of the best top in the line singapore legalised "sports" car...

of course... they are low cost compared to Zonda, Ferarri,Lambo. and Porche.. haha.. hope this helps...

well.. if u are looking for cheap cars.... actualli if the market is as open as the overseas, i might recommend a Toyota Supra 2003 / or a Toyota Celice all tweaked.. and with NOs... hahaha...