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Thread: Converters and Filters?

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    Default Converters and Filters?


    wanna ask u guys, whats the diff between converters and filters?
    and what do u guys use each for?

    i mean, i think teleconverters and wide angle converters increases ur zoom or increases ur wide angle without having to move back?(pls correct if wrong)
    are these for those pns cams?(i use a A80, so sometimes the zoom is not enough)

    suppose i have a 3x optical zoom, and i use a 1.5 teleconverter, does it mean my zoom is now 4.5x?

    have absolutely no idea what are filters used for(read abt close up filters, quite blur) and are there filters for the A series?

    thanx guys...

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    Teleconvertors, wide angle convertors and filters are similar. They are screwed ontop of your camera lens.
    If you use a 1.5x teleconvertor on top of your camera lens, ur zoom is 3x, eg 28 - 84mm, the camera focal range will be changed to 42 - 126mm.
    if you use a 0.7x wide angle convertor, then it will be changed to 19.6 - 58.8mm.
    A close up filter allows you to go nearer to your subject to take close up pics which is nearer than your camera's minimum focus distance. Eg. if your camera minimum focus distance is at 100cm at 84mm focal length, with a +4 close up filter, you can reduce the distance to around 25cm from the subject at 84mm focal length.
    For A series, I believe you will need an lens adapter in order to attach filters/convertors.
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