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Thread: What type of setting for DSLR

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    Default What type of setting for DSLR

    Hi all.

    I using Canon 550D and what type of setting is recomended if I want to use my DSLR to shoot natural shoot at night without flash.
    I tried using "P" Mode and ISO on "auto" mode. I tried taking at Sentosa Broadway. If object not moving then it look nice but I tried taking it on my son moving/running, the image look blur.
    I tried using "M" mode and able adjust the shutter speed to 1/400 and able to capture fast image but without Flash, the photo look dark.

    Apperciate if any expert can advise me on the setting.


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    There is no magic setting. It all depends on what u are shooting and the lighting condition. I think u need to understand your camera more.

    For your case of moving kids in a low light condition, you will need a relative fast shutter speed, say 1/100. You need to compensate that by using a larger aperture, say f2.8 and higher iso.

    You could try shutter priority with your desired shutter speed.

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    Hi there, you could try and see if these work for you while trying to "freeze" your son while he runs:

    - Set to Manual mode.
    - Use flash (note that if you're on Auto ISO, it will set itself to ISO 400) on second/rear curtain.
    - Set shutter speed to maybe 1/50th of a second.
    - Set aperture to the fastest/widest that your lens will allow, like say f/2.8 or f/3.5 etc.
    - Take the picture.

    Having your flash on second/rear curtain lets enough background light in (the slower shutter speed also helps) so that your background won't look blacked out compared to your subject that is lit with flash. You can try and see the difference between no rear curtain vs rear curtain. The flash will also freeze your son as he runs.

    If you still find that the background is too dark, try making the shutter speed slower.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: What type of setting for DSLR

    hi all

    Thanks for the advise. Btw, I am using Kit Lens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by der35 View Post
    hi all

    Thanks for the advise. Btw, I am using Kit Lens.
    That's the limitation of technology. If you are operating in darkness, and the sensor is not capable enough to receive adequate light sufficiently within the short period of time, you get underexposed images. Below are the ways you can make your images better but they come with price tags of their own

    1) Use a fast lens with aperture larger than f/2.8
    2) Increase your ISO to higher values so that the sensor is more sensitive, but it comes with more noise too. To lower the noise, use a better camera with larger sensor and better technology infused. Noise reduction S/W also helps to reduce the noise along with details.
    3) Use good lightning equipments along with good skills to manage them, to lit up the scene accordingly for better ambient lighting which doesn't look like a spotlight on your subject.

    Techniques can also be used to capture a less ideal image and improve it via software approach.
    1) Use exposure compensation, of manual exposure approach, lower your exposure to allow slightly faster shutter speed to freeze the subject. Use S/W to wind up the exposure. Doing so may introduce more noise, which could be cope with good NR S/W
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    Default Re: What type of setting for DSLR

    If you hate flash or there might be a certain limitation such as the flash can't go past 1/250 sec, then I would suggest rising your ISO. Don't be afraid to move it past 3200, sometime, if you must, go to 5000 or even 6400.
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    Default Re: What type of setting for DSLR

    Why don't you read the sticky thread: ?
    Read, learn, understand what the camera is doing and how a picture is taken. No point messing around with settings you don't understand, wondering why a picture looks dark.


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