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Thread: Newbie here ask about bounce card.

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    hmmmm....looks like its time for me to start hunting for a new digicam...the old one cannot make it...parents photos from hk all blur...

    ok...comparison time...


    which one??

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    A75 and 85 can forget it lah....LCD can't move one..HAHAHHAHAHA
    If second hand A80, look for Latmo. He might be selling it
    First hand A95 around 600+-. Sitex Coming leh.....Buy Buy Buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipapa
    hi guys, haven been asking qns for 3 days liao.
    ok ... here's the thing, i head that laminating anycard can also act as a good bounce card to soften the flash. Is that true? i'd really like to try making one ... i made a little one but it is only effective if the object is close. *sad*
    i think i still need alot alot of experience... ya?
    u have very interesting nick... does it means "your father"

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    he's been calling himself tt for years hahah....

    i heard tt the a95 the noise quite bad coz the ccd not as good is it?

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    not that the CCD not as good. It's the same CCD from A80 but boost to 5MP. That's why got quality drop.

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    hmmm..then i tink i will stick to an a80..

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    hmm... alright thanks tunster. hope i'll be as gd as you one day. Actually i'm quite a fan of iamasaint too. I think his brain is like enstein's or smthing... *sigh*
    keep learning!!!!!!!!! ARRGH


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    No prob dude....happy shooting.

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    hey witness ... (arrghh ur name sux) anyway i saw from cnet's digicam survey that A95's night shooting is quite bad. coz they like used another way of processing image and caused night shoots at iso 400 to have a purple aura e.g. between the sky and the building.
    Personally i'll reccomend A85

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