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    Hi fellow CSs,


    1. in what area is critique to be sought?

    Composition and post-processing.

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    To capture the enchanting glow of the flower amid the morning sunrise, akind to those fantasy feel.

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    Sunrise (about 8am when i took this shot), at the newly completed man-made pond by the beach at Punggol Beach End (...not sure if the name of place is correct). Shot with a 18-250mm squatting by the pond.

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    IMHO, i feel that i have achieved what i want with the shot after PP. But not sure if i have over exposed the flower part bcoz wanted to achieve the glowing effect. The seed on the leave next to the flower seems abit distracting to me tho.

    Thanks everyone for viewing!

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    Default Re: Enchanting Flower

    I think its a pretty good photo, in terms of composition. In my opinion, the flower is way too bright, to the point where it doesn't retain any detail. A large part of the flower is completely blown out. Oh and IMO the seed there is fine.

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    Definitely amazing composition!

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    The seed might be ok, if you intend to portray an image of "grown flower and ungrown seed". Otherwise adding the seed there doesn't aid in making the photo nicer.

    Flower over exposed, to me the beauty of the flower is the pattern of the petals (look at the details of the reflection). Perhaps another way of showing glowing flower is to underexpose the surrounding --> not sure but can try.

    The front (part) of lily is distracting, I might want to zoom in further and get rid of that.

    My composition would be to get close to the flower if possible and shoot in portrait mode, to capture the flower and its reflection.

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    Default Re: Enchanting Flower

    Perhaps a little away from a critique on the picture itself.

    Go there a little earlier. The light is too harsh already. At an earlier light, the shadow on the leaf will not be so harsh.
    Also, try to get yourself a cir-polarizer. It can clear out the flare of the reflection on the water.
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    What strikes me first is the glow, I think it's a bit overdone, but that's just me.

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    Hi guys, my apologies for late response as i just returned from oversea trip...

    Thanks for your kind comment! I think still lacking in some ways like what the other bros here mentioned...

    Thanks for your advice. Haha....i should have used "grown flower and ungrown seed" as title.... Actually i didn't add the seed there but can't get rid of it as the distance was about 3-4 metres and i can't get inside the pond. i think i overdone on the exposure during bad! I have another shot in potrait and not sure if it fit your advice.

    @Andy Ang:
    Thanks for your advice. i was there earlier but missed the pond and headed straight to shoot sunrise by the coast. Only after the sun was up and bright then saw ppl taking photos at the pond....hehe! For the CPL filter, i did put on one but maybe i didn't adjust it properly. Will take note next time...

    Thanks for comments! Ya...i overdone on the exposure....i should have tone it down abit. Like what gundamseed84 mentioned earlier, the details of the petals was lost.


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