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Thread: Can you inform us?

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    Default Can you inform us?

    I went to Wisma Atria a couple fo weeks ago and found out there's a fashion show, the models are quite nice. Jamie Yeo and the other guy are the DJs. But... I didn't bring my camera !!

    Last Sunday, I went to Takashimaya and found out there's a Nokia fashion show, models are very nice. But again, I didn't bring my camera ..

    In both events, I can only drool and wish that I had brought my DSLR. I even think about going back to my home and grab my camera, but I don't think there's enough time. I notice there're quite a number of amateur photographers with their DSLR shooting the events.

    I realize that these events are announced in Today paper or something like that. I don't read Today everyday and not aware of this events. Can anyone posts this kind of event in this forum? I (and I think most of us) am really apprecitate the information.

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    Happens to me also, whenever I don't bring my camera, something happens!

    So I have my camera with me most of the time

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    yea! the whole idea. bring ur cam wherever u go, i know this might not be the case for a DSLR, but it does pay. I got my reward when i brought my tele zoom lens out for shooting, to test it actually, and got unexpected returns.

    u might wanna get a smaller camera to bring everywhere u go.


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