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Thread: Old lady by the lakeside

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    Default Old lady by the lakeside

    1. In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
    Technique and Composition of the image.

    2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
    Capturing the mood of loneliness.

    3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    Nikon D90, 18-105mm Aperture Priority Mode ISO at aperture of F5.6
    Was visiting this park and saw the old lady alone by the lake. Decided to do a quick snap.

    4. My personal thoughts about the image.
    After processing the image with B/W colour, I fee that there are still some areas which I can improve of the picture. Appreciate any comment from the forum.

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    Nice composition. the B/W PP is a +. it boosts the loneliness of the old lady.
    Overall I liked the snap very much. my personal preference in this PP would have been with no vignette effect. Seems little distracting to me.

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    Default Re: Old lady by the lakeside

    nice concept. some thoughts, though.

    1. the vignette is too dark and looks fake. maybe just a hint of vignette to enhance the image rather than distract from it.

    2. the bright spot on the lake is drawing the focus away from your subject (old lady) who is already wearing dark clothes. you can try darkening the background a bit so the focus would be towards the old lady. play with the tonal values of black, white and grey in the picture, as B&W is not just desaturating color.

    3. since the theme is loneliness, i would use a cooler B&W conversion. maybe it's just my uncalibrated monitor (at work), coz it looks sepia-ish, which is a warmer monochrome.

    4. composition-wise, there are nice leading lines towards your subject. and considering this was a "quick snap", good job getting the angle and composition.

    also, you might want to experiment adding a bit of grain to give it a more "street" flavor. this is jus personal preference, of course.
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    Default Re: Old lady by the lakeside

    Hi mspriyan and pasay,

    Thanks for the comments and the advice on the vignette.

    I am using iPhoto application on my macbook to post process the photo and there are still a few PP techniques that I have not tried out. Will try it on the photo and see how the effect turn out.

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    i like this photo.. the image looks strong, for some reason. nice composition, and b/w definitely goes with ur theme. looks very natural, and thats why i also have to mention that the vignette is the only thing that slightly messes things up. it looks fake. on photoshop lightroom (wat i use to edit) there's a lens correction vignette that when added looks very natural. if u dont have an option like that, u might want to lessen the vignette a lot, n see how it looks. just my opinion. great photo anyway
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    Default Re: Old lady by the lakeside

    nice capture, like others I do not favor the excess use of vignette as well.
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    Default Re: Old lady by the lakeside

    Nice capture, but yeah the only thing pulling it down a bit is the vignette. And if you shot in RAW you could tone down the highlight on the pond (recover). Otherwise, great shot!


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