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Thread: D90 or D5100?

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    Default D90 or D5100?

    is it worth switching a D5100 to a D90?

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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    What do you hope to achieve? Please share a few more details about your thought process, we cannot read your mind.

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    thinking of switching for the auto focus motor in the dslr... af-s abit expensive :/

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    but I did my homework and read up abt the difference, seems like d5100 produce better quality images. but of course the d90 has more user control. so I need feedbacks

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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    D7000 is the replacement of D90, just so you know.

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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    yap, i do know abt D7000. price higher even. gonna spend the additional money on lens and flash

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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    Personally, I won't.

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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    Perhaps TS should look at this... pretty good summary,

    Nikon D7000 vs D5100 vs D90 Camera Comparison

    Anyway, other than what was mention, the main thing was that TS had to look into the following,

    1) Size and weigh
    2) features - vari-angle LCD, great movie mode, in-build motor
    3) form factor/ ergonomic (grip design, button and dial's layout, etc).

    D5100 is a newer camera as oppose to D90, although was consider as an entry-level camera, it produces very very good images, the lack of inbody motor might be a deal breaker for some, but seriously if TS already have this camera, maybe he/she should try out manual focusing and play around with it till he/she could save up enough for a D7000 or D700 (D800).
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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    Quote Originally Posted by aphro6677 View Post
    is it worth switching a D5100 to a D90?
    in a way, I would see it as a downgrade. D5100 has a new sensor, processor, and a higher native iso.... the above link illustrate this very clearly.
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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    thank you so much for your time and your feedbacks! i've decided to stay where i am and continue to explore my d5100 and also to learn on manual focus!

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    Default Re: D90 or D5100?

    Happy learning and explore


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