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    Default Autumn evening

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?

    Composition, technique, post-processing

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    To show the beauty of nature, peaceful atmosphere

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    Sunset time, empty beach, no people around, sound of the sea and wind

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    I wanted to capture subtle colors of the sunset, nice reflections on the sand and the texture of the rock, and I think you can see all that on my picture.


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    Default Re: Autumn evening

    Let's start with the title or topic, "Autumn evening", and relate it to the photo.

    Can you feel the "Autumn" mood? Maybe you do, but I do not and I think many other feel the same too (pure guessing). My perception of Autumn has always been with deciduous trees and the change in colour of leaves away from green, and in this photo, they are missing. Perception is important when you use big keywords like "Autumn".

    The "evening" can be seen in the photo, so no problem.

    The piece of rock is getting a lot of attention, away from the evening mood. Maybe you wanted something to draw a viewer's attention, but the rock, in my opinion, should not be included here. The attention you want viewers to get should just be "evening", unless your title is "Rocking evening" or something.

    There is definitely an evening feel to this picture but just not enough. (1) It was rather cloudy; (2) You have included too much of the beach. Nothing wrong with that but I would like to see more of the sky because that is where the evening feel comes from, the warm orange-ish atmosphere. I hate to say this but I find the colour dull. It could have been better if the sky was blue-er, less clouds, and deeper orange towards the horizon.

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    Default Re: Autumn evening

    Thanks for your insight, it was very helpful!
    I agree for the most part, and definitely should think more about the title in the future!

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    Default Re: Autumn evening

    This is a good shot, composition wise. The rock provides a really nice foreground interest. However the colours could probably be better. You should try increasing the saturation/vibrance in whatever program you're using, or making the white balance warmer, though that may make the blue part of the sky look a little weird-you'll have to experiment and see what works. Hope you find my comments helpful
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    Default Re: Autumn evening

    I don't like to comment too much on the title's aptness, because titles are titles, pictures are pictures. If a picture does not match a title (or vice versa), then the title can be changed. No big deal about it, imho.

    Let's just talk about the picture.

    1) There are great colors in the sky. You should bring those out.
    2) Composition - take note of the placement of your rock in relation to the sky's attention-grabbing area. Is it really advisable to align the rock with this? The land mass on the top right, does it look better with? Without? As a landscape photographer you would have to take note of every detail, every element in your photograph. Leave the parts that don't help you out out of the picture, leave the parts that you want in. If you want to leave everything in? Make sure they're arranged in a way that retains interest. I would either have moved left to throw the rock out of line with the colored sky, and thus give a triangular composition with the three elements (land mass, sky, rock) balancing out the picture nicely. This is not my first preference. I would prefer to keep 2 out of the 3 elements here, since the sky is such a strong one. As the sky does not go so well with the land mass and the rock's reflections could work well, I would probably have opted to have moved a lot more left/right (if possible, I wasn't there) to just keep the sky AND the rock in, excluding the land mass. For any choice of composition here, I would have ensured that the rock's reflection was included in whole.

    It's a nice scene, which is all the more the pity that it was not composed to bring out the best here. Cheers.


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