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Thread: Lens for taking night stars

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    Interestiing link on night sky shooting:

    Photographing Star Trails

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    Default Re: Lens for taking night stars

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzmario View Post
    newbies here too, i have d7000 with it kit lens 18mm to 105 and brought a prime len f1.8 50g. Care to advise what is the setting to take star?
    next month i be at taiwan, nantao cingjing , staying at starry night minsu which i believe there be spot where no light can be seem and just stars. thanks
    There are no magic settings that people could share and which will bring you instant results without own efforts. Please read about the very basics of photography to understand the various possible settings and the impact. We also have a subforum Night Photography where you can read up the many existing threads to get additional pointers. An also note: hardly anybody gets great results without practicing, lousy results and other obstacles. Be prepared for a steep learning curve. Read up about tripods (in CS: ) and get a decent one, without this you can forget about taking pictures of starts.

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    All the photos you'll ever want without waiting. Haha

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