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Thread: Favourite Movie

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    Fav movie. IMO, the conditions under which one watches the movie affect how much one enjoy the film.

    I like to watch movies alone, at home, on my PC, lights off, and if possible without any clue what the movie is about. Then if the story/script/direction etc is really gd, it brings out the best of the show. Any distractions like eating popcorn, pple talking in cinemas, etc will dull any bit of the show. Recent example of watching a DVD alone is 'something's gotta give' starring jack nichalson and diane keaton. Beautiful romantic comedy for most of the show.

    Favs include matrix, green mile, speed, internal affairs...

    Fav cinemas: Prince/jade (no need to book tic, just show up and Q!), GV grand screen 1, IMAX HUGE screen at normal rates for some movies.

    movies watched over past wk: white chicks, 2046, the girl next door.
    movies lined up to watch: the incredibles, the day after tomorrow, bourne supremacy, in the mood for love.

    BT forever!!

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    Coyote Ugly , Finding Nemo, Beauty n the Beast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian
    Did you know that Blow Up is the film that popularised the Nikon F body with the world?
    you mean...this?

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    Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Never get bored with this. If nothing good on tv i just pop it in the player.
    Superman I and II - Left an impression as a kid.
    Life is Beautiful - Watch the Italian version on big screen. Funny, touching.
    Schindler's List - Indescribable feeling when I watch this 1st time.
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    shawshank redemption
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