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Thread: what after 18-105...

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    Default Re: what after 18-105...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fattytey View Post
    I say if i would like to shoot more landscape in trips... I should look for 55-200/300? or something else.. I need something of a different spec than 18-105... thanks.. or use wide scope lenses with abit of zoom?
    Quote Originally Posted by Fattytey View Post
    Thanks for all e feedback.. I will definitely keep the kit lens but may Buy the 55-200.. Think this is good enough a combination?
    Until we (or most importantly, YOU) know what "different spec" you are searching for in a lens, the suggestions are merely guesses.
    A lot of people buy ultra-wide angle lenses (i.e. < 18mm) to shoot landscapes, so that is something you can consider. But this also does not mean you need to have a UWA in order to shoot nice landscape photos

    Maybe look back at your photos taken with your 18-105 so far. What focal length was used most often?
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: what after 18-105...

    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    18-200 is a all in one lens, works well if you want to cover a lot of focal length without changing lens, you can replace your existing lens with this lens.

    a 50-200/300 lens is to work with another lens which able to provide you a longer reach, so you need to keep your existing lens too.

    your lens arsenal is to suit your need and your style of shooting, nobody can really tell you what lens you should buy or own, only you have the answer you want, and you need to find it out yourself.
    This is the best advice so far.

    Anyways, if you just want to try a longer focal length, suggest to buy the cheap telephoto kit lens, you will not lose too much even if you don't like it and sell later on.

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