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    My wife bought a bunch(?) of loose pearls online and needs to get them properly stringed up and with a clasp to make a necklace
    Have been strung along myself (sic) to various jewelery stores asking if they'd do it
    I guess pearls are considered old school/past gen and so far none of the mainstream stores do that, much less carry many pearlwares
    Will probably head over to Chinatown next week and walk into shops at random thinking that might be my best bet
    I don't suppose anyone here can recommend anywhere that can get this done?
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    Bro, try those shops around Smith Street nearer South Bridge Rd end or at Lucky Chinatown. Do not look for goldsmith or jeweller shops, they dont handle this kind of work. Look for those that deal in jade, even those for prayer beads, as they need to string these. If the pearls are not the ultra ex kind, some people just buy the gold hooks & then string the pearls using fishing line which is cheap, strong & lasting. Gold chains are ex & snap easily from my experience. I bought some nice pearls from Halong Bay recently & they are done this way. Good luck!
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    Cool, thanks for the reply Will go check it out tomorrow
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    Dear Zichar,
    I used to do my own stringing to make necklaces as presents. Use a good quality waxed string. You can buy this from cobblers. Plain string will fray. A good cobbler supplies shop is located in Rochor center 2 flr.

    Tie a knot after each pearl is strung - pearl, knot, pearl, knot and so on. This will prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other and if the string breaks only the pearl between 2 knots will come loose. Hope this helps.

    Stay well.

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    I actually thought about doing it myself even though I'm rather ham-fisted (dental floss was my guess... haha), but got stuck at trying to figure out the clasp
    As a wearable piece it's gotta be easy to put on yet strong enough to withstand the occasional tug; how did you accomplish that? No ideas right now
    Thanks for the info though, never knew that there was a cobbler supplies shop in Rochor center
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    nice of you to make your wife a handmade pearl necklace

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    Haha I haven't made it yet and I didn't buy the pearls so... no credit yet!
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