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Interview with IPA founder, Kevin WY Lee (part 2 of 2)

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... continued from part 1

CJ: Do you see videos coming in a lot more into street “photography”?
Kevin: Well, our tagline is, “Street Photography and Visual Journalism in Asia”. So we have accounted for that because I think that it is part of the progression of image creation. In fact, I started in video first before I moved into still photography, so that interest is very much there. And I think video is just as valid a craft. It has lots of potential and I think that there are a lot of still photographers who are moving into video as well, using their skill and eye as a still photographer for moving images.

Technology has made it possible for me to shoot amazing video quality with my small and light GH2 and Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95. Compared to about 6 years ago, I would have needed to spend so much more and have to bring a whole crew with big cameras and lights to achieve the same results.

In fact, IPA has just made a 15min video on street photography in Singapore with Junku, during his visit here.

CJ: If you only had 1 return ticket, where would you go to do your street photography?
Kevin: I'm interested in Asia, but at the moment, it would be China. I'm very fascinated by China, lots of people are... it's probably a cliché answer. But there is so much to see and do, so many different types of people interacting in all kinds of different ways. I have been to China a few times, and I loved it every time I went and I hope to go back soon. When I went to Beijing 3 years ago, I looked left, there was something happening. I looked right and there was an interesting person. I looked ahead, and there was a fascinating light that was shining on a particular scene.

CJ: What would be you advice to a budding street photographer?
Kevin: First piece of advice would be to be more selective with what you shoot. I think that's why I use a rangefinder, without mentioning any brands. Well, if you're just taking pictures? Fine, snap all you want. But if you specifically want to take a photograph, then be a bit more selective about what you shoot .

The second piece of advice I would give is editing. I posted this quote as well, “People know you as a photographer by not what you shoot, but by what you show”. Bresson probably took snap-shots of his grandkids as well, but what he reveals to the world is a select edit of what he wants the world to see of his photographs and know him as a photographer. So you can go out and shoot 1000 images, but then cut all the unnecessary ones out, cut the ones that you feel that don't represent you as a photographer, and just show a few – quality over quantity.

This advice is for someone who is serious about photography and wants to advance, two things, (i) edit your shooting and (ii) edit what you show, so be very selective.

Thanks Kevin.

----- sample work, courtesy of Kevin WY Lee -----

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