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  • User Review of Olympus m.Zuiko Digital 45mm F1.2 PRO lens

    9 years on since the launch of the first Olympus mirrorless E-P1, and 6 years on from the small, light and wonderful 45mm F1.8 lens that many m43 photographers have in their arsenal of lenses, today marks another milestone for Pro grade prime lens range, one that will appeal especially to Portrait photographers. 45mm Pro was designed with the consideration of Pro grade construction (weather sealing - dust/splash/freeze proof (-10oC).

    One of the key features that sets it apart from all other range of lenses (except 25 and 17 pro) is the emphasis on the use of lenses to create "feather bokeh" - smooth bokeh transition of subject to background, creating soft edges of the background bokeh, hence making the subject pop. With the 25mm Pro reviewed here 1 year ago, which has same design philosophy as this 45mm PRO and also 17mm PRO

    Olympus has certainly raised the bar very high for Pro Primes with this 3 lenses - 17, 25, 45, in fact, they all share same filter size, so for those who uses filters, or even LH-66B lens hood (for 25/45) can be a good news too. And all 3 Pro Primes have similar design philosophy (apart from weather sealing construction): Close focusing, bokeh rendition, lavish lens design to reduce chroma, distortions, and to ensure edge to edge sharpness.

    This review will just be concentrating on the 45mm PRO.

    Here's some specs and product shots

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