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  • Mirrorless Cameras Will Change Photography Forever

    Technology has come a long way, and so has photography. Gone are the days where tourists would trawl the streets with bulky DSLRs with huge, do-it-all zooms. The DSLR, which used to be every professionals' go-to cameras are taking a backseat as more photographers go for mirrorless camera systems instead. These cameras are smaller and more portable, allowing users to produce image and video quality that are equivalent or better than conventional DSLRs.

    To the uninitiated, a mirrorless camera basically cuts down on size and weight by ditching the mirror and optical viewfinder of a DSLR, and packs itself with a high-resolution sensor. For those who’ve read our previous article, and have chosen to go mirrorless, the choices you have are plenty.

    But now comes the hard part: Which is the right mirrorless camera for you? Regardless of your shooting needs, Sony has the right range of mirrorless cameras you can choose from.

    1.Casual Snapshooter/Beginner
    If you're the kind who enjoys capturing the night out without caring about the technicalities or just starting out, the Sony’s α5000 could be the mirrorless shooter to get your feet wet. This entry-level mirrorless camera packs a large APS-C sensor and allows you to capture memories with DSLR-like quality. Just set the camera to auto or program modes and you never have to worry about your exposure as the camera uses the most optimized settings during image capture, just like a point-and-shoot.

    The α5000 is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you will be able to share your party snaps with your friends and family on social media with ease. This can be easily done with the free PlayMemories Camera AppsTM via any Android and iOS devices.

    If you need more resolution and a convenient touchscreen, you can also opt for its successor the α5100, which comes in at 24.3-megapixels and faster burst-shooting capabilities. Both cameras come with 180-degree tilting screens if selfies are your kind thing.

    2.The Enthusiast

    If you're the enthusiast who needs a higher-spec performance mirrorless camera but prefers a smaller form factor, then the Sony's mirrorless cameras such as the α6300 and α6000 would be right up your alley.

    To keep up with fast-paced action, the compact α6300--Sony’s flagship APS-C mirrorless camera--offers the world’s fastest AF speed1 with its ability to shoot at.0.05-second autofocus speeds. The camera utilizes a 4D Focus feature which gives you the world’s highest2 number of AF points by a wide-coverage 425-point phase-detection system with a 169-area contrast detection system that works in tandem when it comes to fast and accurate autofocus performance. Users will also be able to track moving subjects with ease across the entire frame with the shooter's High-density Tracking AF function. The camera also supports with full pixel readout and can record videos at a high bit rate of 100 Mbps during 4K recording and 50 Mbps during HD recording.

    The α6300 also gains an edge in terms of build quality as the camera is dust and moisture resistant to withstand use in extreme environments.

    1. Among interchangeable lens digital cameras equipped with an APS-C image sensor as of February 2016, based on Sony research, measured using CIPA-compliant guidelines, and internal measurement method with an E PE 16-50mm F3.5-5,6 OSS lens mounted, Pre-AF off and viewfinder in use.

    2. Among interchangeable lens digital cameras as of February 2016, based on Sony research.
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