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  • Olympus EP-3 - Floating in Vietnam

    Firstly, Thank You Olympus Imaging Singapore Mr Antonio Lei for providing the team from Clubsnap with really cool Olympus t-shirts AND so kindly sponsoring 3 camera prizes during the recently concluded Crossing Bridges 8 in Vietnam

    AND they provided 4 PEN cameras for participants to try out during our one week jaunt around Ho CHi Min, Long Hai, Bao Loc and Da Lat

    With other logistics to bring over to Vietnam including the camera prizes , I was TOTALLY loaded down and the thought of STILL needing to bring along a DSLR with an UWA zoom and a 70-200/2.8 plus flash, filters, tripod ...... without even taking into consideration my OWN luggage, I was going to be seriously bogged down.

    We were moving from hotel to hotel everyday too.

    So I left my DSLR at home and just lived off the PEN EP-3 and the 2 kit zoom lenses for the entire 7 days in Vietnam. Well ok Olympus did hand off their 12mm f2 prime to me too.

    Without a DSLR and my usual accompaniment of lenses, I felt light and almost naked ..... u photogs know what i mean ha ha ha

    Just got back last Wed 16 November and I must say I was extremely pleased with how the EP-3 performed.
    - battery life was great as long as I kept chimping to a minimum ... I had NO spare battery but it was no biggie
    - my entire 2 lens kit with camera + 1 table top tripod weighed less than 2kg and EVERYTHING fitted very comfortably into a tiny Think Tank Chimp Cage pouch (woooohooo !!)
    - AF was quick for my type of shooting and it was great to be able to pick different focusing boxes off the LCD while on the fly
    - the built in flash did mostly fill-in duty and it worked like a charm
    - I reconfigured the Fn button to dedicate it to AEL
    - Ha ha ha !!! I was always among the FIRST to get off the bus while everyone else was preparing their big bags and tripods and bungling to de-bus
    - I felt ALOT less tired and ALOT MORE sprightly throughout the trip with the MUCH lighter load
    - Most importantly imho, it allowed me to shoot very very discreetly

    This is usually how I shoot while on the streets lolzz

    p/s ONE regret - I got a little tired of the de'rigeur Black color and promised myself I would go for the white/cream/sandy version ....... will remind my good wife about it before my birthday comes around ha ha...

    pp/s As those of you who know me AND the Clubsnap team on this trip can confirm, I am a PP-idiot ...... I only know the basics of resizing, unsharp mask, burn/dodge, levels and resizing..... so most of these following images are only treated with basic PP'ing

    So enough talk, I'd like to share some photos shot with the Olympus PEN EP-3 ..... here's to having your cake and eating it too...

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