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  1. New ClubSNAP Theme and Server updates

    Six months have passed by so quickly. This is a follow-up to my previous post - ClubSNAP Servers in the Amazon Cloud - to keep members informed of recent events.

    If you haven't noticed (in which case I would suggest you visit an optometrist immediately), we now have a completely new theme/design for the ClubSNAP site as we updated our software to accommodate underlying server OS and required changes. The previous theme was not supported for the current version we are running, thus we ...
  2. ClubSNAP Servers in the Amazon Cloud

    It has been a couple of weeks since we moved all of ClubSNAP's infrastructure off physical hardware currently located in a local data centre into the cloud and from all observations, and this is a short summary of the events that led to the move.

    The short story is that we received notice from our data centre manager that they were closing down the facility where our servers are currently located and we had to move our servers to another location.

    A related backstory - ...