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  1. Canon Photomarathon 2015 NEXT weekend 22 Aug - Clubsnap Interviews Judge Jeremy Lee

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    Clubsnap had the opportunity to interview one of its judges for next weekend's Canon Photomarathon.... Jeremy Lee

    The Canon Photomarathon 2015 will bring together photography enthusiasts from Singapore and around the region for a chance to pit their skills against some 3000+ shutterbugs on 22 Aug.

    One of the judges for this pressure-packed annual competition is sports photographer
  2. SONY A7R II Launch in Singapore - and ClubSNAP was there!

    SONY A7R II – The Launch
    Shangri-La, Rasa Sentosa

    After much excitement and abated breath, Sony launched the much-awaited A7R II at the resplendent Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa. With much fanfare, panache and a mind-blowing array of everything SONY – all stops pulled out.

    Instead of a preview of the camera, which you can read just about everywhere, let’s ...

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  3. Best camera bag in Singapore and what to buy? Please recommend


    I'm trying to find a good camera bag (that can hold 3 lens, is light-weigth and carries a tripod) in Singapore. Could you please recommend some good bags?

    Also, best places to buy camera bag?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    - PS
  4. [nitewalk] visions

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    Yeah it was really cold!


    I am disappointed at how some members of a prominent photography group Mentorgraphians had conducted themselves and how the members stood up to support the selfish act of bringing a huge number of photographers to a HDB stairway to shoot fireworks. I feel very disheartened and very discouraged from shooting fireworks after the nasty encounter which followed a previous nasty encounter with another group of photographers.

  5. WTSell: Lens - Olympus 40-150 F4.0-5.6 R138

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    For m4/3

    New lens at 128$
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